Thursday, March 27, 2014

Moonlite Bunny Ranch Scammed $1500 From Me Using Criminal Methods and Tactics!

Warning to all regarding the Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel in Mound House, NV

I am a public person with a highly credible reputation and track record, not an anonymous person. See the related links in the sidebar.

I was robbed and scammed out of $1500 at Moonlight Bunny Ranch in November of 2013. I will not let them get away with this crime and intend to take action. So I am disputing the charges with my credit card company, and publicizing my story on many high ranking websites. Here is what happened.

First, I went in and selected a stunning blonde called Six Shades. Then we were joined by another blonde named Chanel who said that because I looked at her, she wanted to join us for a threesome. But their prices were way too high. In the past, I paid $200-300 and had a good time, not only at the Bunny Ranch, but at the other three across the road as well. But now they wanted $800-1,000. WTF?! No way. How could their prices increase 500 percent?! On what basis?

The Culprits
Six Shades                                      Chanel

Moreover, the standard rate for escort services in the US is $200-300 on average, and the brothels in Canada still cost around $200 total (for room fee and tip). Further, you can get this kind of P4P in Europe for $50 or less, even in Amsterdam. So there is NO BASIS for all these NV brothel girls wanting $1,000 now, other than pure greed.

Also, back in 2001 the girls at the Mound House brothels charged $200. I was there and know this first hand. Then in 2006, they wanted $400-500. And now they all want $1,000? WTF? I have no idea if Dennis Hof had anything to do with this, since he owns all of them now. Perhaps he priced hiked them and corrupted the girls?

Getting back to the story, a thousand dollars for this was not worth it. So I declined and tried to leave. But they kept pestering me to agree to it. After a while, when I was heading out the door, they finally agreed on $300 for an hour. I accepted and they ran my credit card.

But after only 10 minutes, they said my time was up and wanted to charge me another $400 to continue! I said no way, but Chanel took my wallet and credit card out and swiped it at the office AGAINST my will, which was a clear ethical violation. 10 minutes later, she did the same thing. She was extremely, pushy and aggressive and would not take No for an answer. Her tactics were borderline coercion! All of it was AGAINST my will and wishes! I NEVER agreed to any of it!

Chanel did this several times, charging a total of $1,500, which was $1,200 OVER what was agreed!!! Thus I got scammed for $1,200! There is NO WAY in hell that what they gave me was worth $1,500, considering that the standard price anywhere else is $200 or less. I did not even get a GFE (girlfriend experience).

This was a clear cut case of being SCAMMED through aggressive trickery, deception and hustling tactics. Chanel was behind most of it, while Six Shades merely went along with it. Her behavior is unacceptable, as it was highly pushy, aggressive and went against my will, not taking no for an answer.

Thus, they (Chanel in particular) are guilty of the following wrongful and illegal actions:

1.  Disrespecting my decision after I said “No!” many times, which is a violation of my basic rights.
2.  Unauthorized swiping of my credit card against my will and without my permission.
3.  Forcing me to sign the receipts under duress after I refused the charges.
4.  Breach of contract in not delivering the agreed upon services they promised at the agreed upon price.
5.  Scamming an exorbitant amount from me ($1500) via the use of aggressive trickery and hustling.
6.  Providing little or no value for the $1500 they scammed from me, which they did not earn or deserve.

The bottom line FACTS are:

  • I NEVER agreed to $1500. I also NEVER agreed to $300 for 10 minutes. And I did NOT agree to being charged $400 every 10 minutes!
  • All of this was obtained through aggressive trickery, deceit and hustling tactics, in particular by Chanel. She was extremely pushy, aggressive, and would not take no for an answer. Her tactics were tantamount to borderline coercion. This is wrong and unacceptable. All of it happened AGAINST my will and wishes too.
  • Thus I was technically SCAMMED. There's no way around it. I NEVER agreed to all of this and it was all AGAINST my will too. There was NO mutual consent or agreement at all. 

That's why I have every right to be pissed off about it.

Please note that there was NO misunderstanding between us. A misunderstanding occurs when both parties are honest and misinterpret each other. But they were not honest. If they were, they would have said "$300 for 10 minutes" rather than "$300 for everything you wanted" which is what they actually said. But they couldn't be honest and say that, because I would have replied "No way!" and their scam would have failed. That's why they had to resort to trickery and deception.

In their mind, it was either 1) Use trickery and deception to try to obtain $1000+ from me, or 2) Be honest and lose me and earn zero dollars. They obviously chose option #1, which was criminal, dishonest and wrong.

Now I may be guilty of being weak-willed. But being weak willed is not a crime, only a character flaw. On the other hand, what they did: Using willful and deliberate deceit and trickery in order to extract a large amount of money from me, definitely IS a crime! And they definitely should not be allowed to get away with that.

Finally, let's use common sense here. Why were the receipts charged in increments of $300, $400, $400, and $400, instead of $1500 all at once? The explanation is simple and obvious. I did NOT agree to the total amount they wanted, which was a thousand dollars. But they did not want me to walk out of there without profiting from me. So they resorted to trickery, by pretending to agree to $300, and then charging $400 every ten minutes afterward, AGAINST my wishes. Thus the increments were due to trickery and scam tactics. Otherwise there would have been one bill for $1500, instead of in increments. Simple logic. Thus, they scammed me, and the circumstantial evidence from these increments alone make this obvious.

I am currently disputing this with my credit card company and will update you all on the progress. In addition, many webpages with this story will also be put up on popular high ranking websites.

You can see my full dispute report that was sent to my credit card company here.

To view the profiles and photos of the two Bunny Ranch girls that scammed and hustled me -- Six Shades and Chanel -- see the links to their profiles on the Bunny Ranch website below:

Six Shades - Bunny Ranch Profile
Chanel - Bunny Ranch Profile

Message and Warning to Bunny Ranch staff and Dennis Hof

I am disputing these charges with my credit card company. If I lose, I will not let this go since $1,200 is a significant amount. You cannot get away with this crime. If I have to, I will declare a cyber war on the Bunny Ranch and Dennis Hof's name, by putting up webpages about them with the words "scam, criminal, robber" in the page titles, under 6 or 7 high ranking domain names, that will easily get up to the TOP of Google search results.

I am an expert in SEO and can easily do this. To test my claim, Google "Ed Magedson" and you will see that at the top of search results at #1 is my page about him being a "criminal extortionist and scammer". I've done this with several names, all of whom deserved it. I am very good at this kind of thing.

Furthermore, I will also post this on Once there, it can NEVER be removed, not even at my request. So take that into consideration please. I do not enjoy doing this, but I have no choice.

Therefore, I ask that your management staff, or Dennis Hof himself, contact me to resolve this. I already left phone messages for Madame Suzette and emailed her, but received no reply.

Otherwise, I will be forced to declare a cyber war, if I lose the dispute, and will go all out on it. I guarantee that you will NOT get away with this. That's a PROMISE!

Finally, I wish to let everyone here know that your prices are a big RIPOFF. Everywhere else P4P is $200 or less. US escort sites still charge $200, so do the brothels in Canada, and in Europe it's less than $50. Also, since 2001, your prices have increased 500 percent! There is no logical justification for that.

I also hope that you teach your girls that dishonesty and deceit do not pay, and only return bad karma.

Thanks for your attention. I hope to hear from you.

Note: If anyone else here has been scammed by the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Mound House brothels, or other brothels owned by Dennis Hof, feel free to comment below.

This scam report has also been posted on Wordpress at:


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  2. It looks like the Bunny kicked a fox in the tail, and now has to deal with its teeth.

  3. $1500 for an American white chick? Big time ripoff!

  4. Wow! People need to be careful there! Thanks for letting other s know!

  5. You should have agreed to $300 for the full hour all inclusive. After 10 minutes, if they insisted on more, you should have gotten up and demanded your money back. You never should have continued to stay. Also, did you sign those extra credit card vouchers?

  6. You sir, are an idiot.

  7. you go to a whorehouse and expect reputable? don't go to a whorehouse . problem solved.

  8. Stop paying for sex. Please tell me how they MADE you sign, other than by refusing to have sex with you anymore unless you didn't? That's not extortion, you're just pathetic.

    Also, if you've had problems with so many people, the problem is clearly you.

  9. Also, who doesn't expect a major price increase in 15 years?! You're nuts.

  10. 1,2,3,4... I declare a cyber war.

  11. The girls forced coercive sex that was not agreed upon. Therefore the guy was raped. Stop victim blaming him!

    1. He deserved it . They charged him more because he is such a disgusting troll and liar . Reading him bitch here makes it obvious why he has to pay for sex . Too bad they didn't shoot his ass and bury him out in the vast Nevada desert with all the other lowlifes that breeze into Nevada to commit crime and rip people off . If this guy ever did try to scam other people in Nevada either the Mob , OMG's / hard outlaw motorcycle gangs like Band or Hells Angels or other would take his ass out and nobody would care . I am hoping he pulls this shit with one of these groups so they can teach him what happens when you are a vile disgusting con man .

  12. You expect ALL brothels and ALL girls in the USA to charge the same rate because you say so? They probably charged you more because I bet you kept complaining the whole time and the ladies were annoyed with you!
    You are an idiot. "Average US rate is $200" - YEAH, with basic bitches off backpage its that much, but prostitution isn't a customer service that needs to regulate how much each girl charges. Its a compentition and they got better looking women so that = higher price. All your petty blog does is promote Moon Light Bunny Ranch, and thanks for the pics- you just gave these girls free advertisement.
    And BTW- you spout about how great foreign brothels are- yeah well foreign places are often the ones who have girls who have been KIDNAPPED and strung along in sex trade, they often do ILLEGAL acts like taking a shit in someone's mouth (which is what you need), often they carter to sick fetishes like killing animals for sexual arousal, and more often than not its the #1 go to for PEDOPHILES! So please, on behalf of all women- stick to foreign pussy, keep those STDs to yourself!

    1. Funny you mention pedophiles . This guy and his friends /contacts is known for supporting pedophilia and he does indeed facilitate people going to foreign countries to have sex with children . He has videos on the web engaging in sex with underage girls .

  13. If it's all true what you say, then you're not as smart as you think you are. If she didn't keep her word the first time, you should've left. Then you got fooled 3 times!
    By your own admission, you signed the receipts. Therefore, you have no case. The Bunnyranch legally doesn't owe you anything and your rant against Chase is futile. Calling people stupid will not get you anywhere. Your tirade is not tactful and only detrimental to yourself.
    I agree $1000+ for an hr. of sex is high. I certainly will not be going there. You state that,"Average rate in U.S. is $200." What are you comparing that to? Street walking prostitutes? The Bunnyranch is a legal brothel with the goal to make as much money as possible. Don't you know a place like that will have women trying to hustle every dollar out of you? You are the definition of a "Trick."

  14. Pussy whipped.. Buyers remorse.

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  16. Sex is sex!
    Doesn't matter what it costs! If you really want to see expense, add up what keeping up a wife,home, and all the amenities cost vs. how often you get some!! $1500 will be a drop in the bucket!!!

  17. That place is so ridiculously overpriced it's appalling.

  18. what's with these chicks do they have Diamond encrusted nipples?

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